Dr. Yve has been an acupuncturist for 18 years.  She is a provider for BCBS, Cigna, Presbyterian, and United Healthcare.  She also takes personal injury cases with a Letter of Protection, or will work directly with insurance companies.

She often has patients who have endured acute and chronic pain, and patients that have not had success with other modalities to address and reduce their pain levels.  She has worked with chiropractors for 19 years and she was previously a physical therapy aide in San Francisco.  She worked with patients that had surgery by one of the best sports medicine surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She worked with a very comprehensive physical therapist and assisted in rehab for patients that were one week post-op.  She also assisted patients that had difficulties post-op that were then referred to the physical therapist she worked with, and also provided massage for those cases.  She has 24 years of experience working in the medical field.

In addition, she has a natural talent in addressing the needs of patients and using her wealth of experience to help patients regain their quality of life by reducing their pain levels and symptoms.Learn More

Advanced Practitioner with Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

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Dr. Yve also does energetic healing sessions that assist healing on emotional and psychological levels.  These sessions work on the body’s chakras, and overall energy field.  Distance healings can be done as well.  Email for scheduling and inquiries: [email protected]

Extensive Education & Clinical Experience


Are you ready to regain your health and quality of life back?  Have you been dealing with a difficult medicine condition and are not getting better, or have doctors told you that they don’t have any solutions for you?  If so and you are interested in a consultation, please inquire.  Dr. Yve uses; Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Massage, Eastern and Western herbs, other dietary suggestions, pharmaceutical grade supplementation, and energetic cleansings to treat the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical body for your optimal healing journey.  Even if you you don’t live in New Mexico, suggestions and protocols can be given to assist in your road to health.  In addition, Dr. Yve specializes in treating auto-immune diseases.  Scheduling for consultations and distance healings can be made by emailing yve@iamdryve.



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